Top 3 Tips for Posting to Facebook for Hotels


First of all ask yourself what you want to achieve from your Facebook posts?
Developing a social media strategy will help you convey your message and stay true to your brand.

While ‘likes’ are desired, driving traffic back to your website and ultimately getting direct bookings is most likely your end goal.

We recommend a plan that includes a variety of content and that ‘connects the dots’ with your other marketing efforts, such as; website blogs, EDMs (email direct marketing) and direct special offers.

To help get started, here’s a couple of content ideas …
~Destination marketing – local things to do, tours and attractions.
~Upcoming events.
~Property features and news – what are your USPs (unique selling points)? For example do you offer FREE WiFI, FREE parking or have an onsite swimming pool?
~Special offers. Give your audience a reason to book direct!
~Local news – share stories of interest from your local community or tourism authorities.


Facebook is a visual platform. So ensure that you use good quality images that will capture attention and stop those ‘scrollers’ in their tracks!

A few notes about selecting images for your Facebook posts:
~Avoid images that are grainy, too small or out of focus.
~Your audience will love seeing photos from your property and surrounding area – we suggest hiring a good professional photographer to help you put your best foot forward.
~Important: Only use legally obtained images. We recommend using an image library such as Shutterstock to purchase images.
~If you’re posting to Facebook from a mobile device, be sure to check what it looks like on a desktop.


As we mentioned earlier, likes are great, but we don’t just want people to like the post and keep scrolling through their feed.  Where possible include a call-to-action such as a link to your blog, most recent EDM or booking page to encourage your audience to visit your website and get booking!

At Koncept Konnect we have an experienced social and communications team who can take the guess work out of social media and content marketing.  We can develop and execute your social strategy, including writing blog content for your website, creating regular EDM campaigns and more.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.