Online Distribution for Accommodation Providers

Many hoteliers find this part of their business one of the most daunting.   Gone are the days of dropping off some brochures at your local travel agents or listing your property in the Yellow Pages (in fact many people reading this article properly don’t even know what the Yellow Pages are), you need to be visible across many different channels to gain the best possible return.  Believe it or not there are distribution channels beyond and Expedia.

At Koncept Konnect we like to think of the online distribution as a gathering of third parties that we can help you connect via a Channel Manager of your choice.  These third parties allow you to be seen in places you’d never dreamed of being visible and getting bookings from guests that you never dreamt you’d be able to reach.

Well planned and executed online distribution means that you will have a consistent image portrayed across many different channels and be bookable at all times in every corner of the world.  Think of these third parties as being your billboard to the masses. However, the key is setting these distributions up correctly right from the start, and that’s where we come in.  We can advise on which channels are right for you and if you don’t already have one we can suggest a channel manager, we partner with many different industry partners to make sure we are always looking after our clients with products to suit their needs.

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