Take a look through our client testimonials to see what our clients, past and present, have to say. You’ll get a strong sense of how our clients feel about Koncept Konnect, the ways in which we have assisted them and the business services we have provided.

Thank you to the KK team

Our work with the KK team has aligned us with wholesalers, government agents, Helloworld contracts, etc that enable us to be visible in this space.

For this I give many thanks and your efforts are appreciated.  Again, thank you to the KK team for your help in making us look good.


Fantastic support helping us to grow a successful business

I signed up with Koncept Konnect shortly after purchasing the Management Rights for Bel Air on Broadbeach. This was my first Management Rights after a career in the Banking Industry so I was looking for a lot of guidance in coming to grips with the Marketing and Rate Management side of the business. Kim and her team were fantastic in helping us get up to speed and they provided excellent ongoing throughout the 9 and a half years we successfully owned and operated the business. They are very knowledgeable in their field and very professional in their approach. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.


Talented team of tourism marketing professionals

Since engaging the services of Koncept Konnect five years ago, we have seen our business go from strength to strength. This talented team of tourism marketing professionals has assisted us with many facets of our business development including:  liaison with OTA’s; siteminder set up and updating; contract negotiations with Government and corporate organisations; social media marketing and general advice on competitive pricing and general tourism marketing. Our professional relationship, and Koncept Konnect’s extensive tourism business network, helped guide us through the tumultuous COVID period and provided a great foundation from which we were able to navigate such challenging times. We would not hesitate in recommending the services of the team at Koncept Konnect.


Thanks team!

As a Management rights owner I have had the pleasure for the last five years to work closely with the team at Koncept Konnect. I first engaged their services at a complex in Burleigh and when I sold and purchased a Corporate Complex in Brisbane I had no hesitation in bringing Koncept Konnect back on board to help with the transition, however I could just not let them go! Kim, Naomi and the team are amazing, their level of expertise within the industry has made my business all the better, the marketing of my business is where they excel allowing me the time to look after the hands-on in-house business.

All problems can be solved and to share a problem with many heads just makes the process so much easier, this can be done with a chat or even a coffee, as a business owner you are also part of the team, Koncept Konnect makes sure you are not left on your own to solve it, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


The pressure and stress relief is immeasurable

I have worked with the Koncept Konnect team for the past 3 years – in fact, it was just before Covid hit us all.

I took myself off to an ARAMA talk specifically on marketing, as I really needed some help in this area. I sat and listened to Koncept Konnect speaking and they were just ticking every empty box that I needed ticking – and I had quite a few.

I sat patiently, and when I got my chance, I spoke to them, and well as they say – the rest is history.

The pressure and stress that was lifted off my shoulders when the KK team took the reins was immeasurable. There are so many aspects to this business, and you just cannot expect to be an expert at all of them, so I was happy to hand over the things I couldn’t control and concentrate on the things that I could.

I can absolutely recommend Kim and the KK Team, they are all very willing, able, and more importantly, available whenever you need them.


Highly Recommend

We reached out to Koncept Konnect for help with our marketing needs as operating a property day to day just doesn’t leave time for the things we know we need to do but just really didn’t know how to do them.

Kim and her team have an amazing amount of industry knowledge and plenty of industry contacts to get things done quickly and efficiently to make sure our Apartments were being seen and booked.

They assisted us with ensuring that we put our best foot forward with our online digital platforms such as Booking.com, Expedia and our own booking engine as well as promoting us on social media. For anyone needing help we would highly recommend the Koncept Konnect Team.


The team are great

We engaged Koncept Konnect in January 2019. We saw an increase in not only occupancy but nightly rate over the next 12 months in comparison to the previous 12 month. The team are great, nothing is ever an issue and their knowledge is outstanding. All my enquiries are dealt with quickly and professionally and if they don’t have an answer straight away they will work on it until they do.
The workload that Koncept Konnect take off me allows me to spend that time on other more immediate problems and not have to stress that my socials or OTAs are slipping because I haven’t had a chance to get to them.
I would highly recommend the team at Koncept Konnect to anyone looking to engage a marketing manager.


Amazing team with unrivalled tourism knowledge!

Koncept Konnect and their exceptionally helpful team have implemented a myriad of sales and marketing concepts, online channels and social media idea’s to improve business. The amount of time they have saved me has been worth their fee’s alone, nothing is too much trouble and everything is completed efficiently. Their knowledge of the tourism industry and its demands means they understand what you want and know how to get it done. Engaging their services was a god send!


Efficient and professional

Right from the start, Kim impressed us with her efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for.


Thank you for everything you have done

I want to thank each and every one of you for your assistance and for the hard work that you have all put into M&A yourselves, over the years, in gaining new corporate clients, on our social media and online presence, on making an effort to have meetings with me in person, on being available when I have had any questions and answering them right away or finding out the answer in a short-timeframe, and for keeping our hotel relevant and thought about in an increasingly oversupplied market. We quite literally, could not have stayed operating as a hotel for as long as we have, without you. I will most certainly recommend Koncept Konnect’s services to anyone looking for a Business Development Team and I have nothing but the most positive things to say about you all! I hope that Koncept Konnect continues to grow and thrive! Thank you for everything you have done for us over the years.


The whole package

Kim approached us in November 2013 we immediately recognised that with their experience and the whole package they offer, we needed to be with them. Koncept Konnect embodies a holistic approach to the marketing bundle that is necessary to survive in this industry. The senior partners combine magnificently to cover all facets of running holiday accommodation businesses, and are frequently offering advice and suggestions. In particular we have changed our management systems, and we have developed our social media presence which, without them, would have been beyond our scope. They are growing rapidly, and have now a team of well-chosen professionals who add further to this impressive pool of talent. Without doubt, our business has grown significantly since we engaged Koncept Konnect, and whilst their fees represent an overhead, their value is beyond cost. Furthermore, we consider them as friends rather than consultants.


Amazing journey

Treasury on Collins was launched with very limited staffing and our business grew rapidly in 2015. Fortunately Koncept Konnect hit the ground running and were able to adapt their business model to respond to our ever-changing requirements as our business evolved. Koncept Konnect assisted us with services ranging from corporate rate negotiation, sales representation, PMS rate loading, OTA management and social media marketing. It’s been an amazing journey and we would welcome the opportunity to work with Koncept Konnect again in the future.


Wonderful to work with

Koncept Konnect have been wonderful to work with this whole time … Should we move on and acquire a different property in another town we will come back to the helping hand that Koncept Konnect provide. Not a matter of IF just a matter of when! … It.s been the better part of 2 years working with you all. Your whole team are amazing.



Kim Jeffrey

+61 429 969 581