Let’s talk about YOU!

Because you and your business are unique.

At Koncept Konnect we understand that every business is different and we will work with you to deliver the tailored sales, marketing and business solutions that are right for your business needs.

Our dedicated and passionate team have the expertise to ‘konnect’ you with your audience through sales representation + business development, revenue management + online distribution solutions and social media + communications strategies.

We do what you don’t know how to do, what you don’t have the time to do, or just don’t want to do.

Give us a call, so we can talk about you some more!

We ‘Konnect’ you with your audience through:

Sales Representation +
Business Development

new business development for business & leisure travel

corporate contracting
& tenders
conference & group lead generation
sales & marketing strategies

Revenue Management +
Online Distribution Solutions

specials & promotions
management recommendations
online travel agent connection management & campaigns
& reporting

Social +
Communications Strategies

blog &
website content
social media
email marketing
online reputation management