Organic vs Paid Social Media … And Why You Need Both


Put simply, organic social media is anything that happens on social without paying for it. When you post anything to your page and don’t pay to ‘boost’ it, you are creating an organic post. Social platforms work on algorithmic feeds and they control who/how many of your followers view your organic posts.


Any post that you see in your own news feed that has the ‘sponsored’ tag is paid social media. Paid social media includes boosted posts and ads optimised for clicks, etc. Paid social can be targeted by demographic and behavioural factors to go beyond your page followers and reach your target market.


Facebook and Instagram are constantly evolving and over the years it has become harder to make an impact with organic posts alone. By participating in paid social you have the opportunity to extend your reach beyond your ‘fans’ and set your target market by location, age and more.

Now that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t bother with organic social. Your social pages are often where people turn to for information on your business. A good organic strategy improves your online presence and keeps you relevant and front of-mind with your followers. A paid strategy increases your reach and awareness to a targeted audience.

Implementing both aspects of social media takes time. Here at Koncept Konnect we can work with you to set a paid social budget and manage both your organic and paid social. We can also develop a communications & marketing strategy that ‘connects the dots’ through email direct marketing, website blogs and more.

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