Sustainable Hospitality Ideas

Are you looking to go greener and be more eco-friendly and sustainable at your hotel? Get started with these sustainable hospitality ideas.

There’s a lot of steps a business can take to move towards being more sustainable. Below we have listed just a few of the green initiatives and sustainable hospitality ideas to consider implementing in your journey to becoming more eco-friendly.

Conserving Energy:

Make the switch to energy-efficient lighting, heating, and cooling systems.
Installing solar panels and motion-sensor lights can make a big difference.
Planting trees or installing awnings and overhangs to minimise the sun on your hotels walls and windows can also lower energy use.

Reducing Waste:

Implement recycling programs and make sure the recycling bins are easy to recognise and access.
Look into suppliers who offer eco-friendly packaging and minimise single-use plastics.
Place a water-bottle refill station in the reception or other common area, and offer refillable water bottles.

Being Water Wise:

Install low-flow faucets and showers.
Position enough towel racks in the bathroom to make it easy for guests to hang and reuse towels, and in addition have a sign promoting towel and linen reuse.
In the gardens, use smart irrigations systems with timed watering. Planting drought-resistant native plants and ground cover instead of using just grass, can reduce water use as well as the need for pesticides and fertilisers.

Sourcing Eco-friendly Amenities:

Provide your hotel guests with toiletries with biodegradable packaging, or offer refill stations in place of single-use bottles.
Choose a brand that doesn’t have chemicals and other nasties so they are better for the guest and the environment. There are even some initiatives such as Soap Aid that will collect your used guest soaps, saving them from overflowing landfills, the soap is then cleaned, recycled and sent to communities facing major hygiene challenges.

Promoting Sustainable Transportation:

Provide information to your guests about local walking tracks and public transport/shuttle options.
Offer bicycles for guest use.
Install electric vehicle charging stations for guests travelling with electric or hybrid cars.

Train your Team to be Green:

Keep your staff up-to-date on sustainable practises.
Encourage them to be part of the journey by coming up with additional green ideas.

We hope these Sustainable Hospitality Ideas have given you some food for thought. Why not check out our other tourism sales and marketing insights.