The Billboard Effect

Once upon a time, in a world far away – well actually not that long ago, but before the thing we now know as the internet existed – hoteliers had to find clever ways to advertise their product without spending their entire budget on something that would not attract any guests.

A favourite was of course the Yellow Pages (Google it if you’re younger than 40), popping into your local travel agent to pick up a glossy brochure or deciding on where to stay as you’re driving to your destination and watching the massive billboard signs as you approached your favourite holiday spot.

Of course, these days we have enormous amounts of information available at our fingertips every hour of the day and with this brings many providers attempting to get their products front and centre with consumers.

This is no less true in the accommodation and travel sector – and this is where the Billboard Effect comes into play.  Basically, this is the process of ensuring that your product, whether it be a hotel, motel, serviced apartments or some other short stay accommodation choice is as visible as possible.

We find that most direct bookers, unless they are repeat guests, will find your property on a third-party site such as, Expedia, etc – that site has become the billboard.  They may then redirect themselves to your website in order to get more information, reach out to you directly about special requests or to make their booking.

So, by allowing us to make sure your third party OTA listings are up to date, informative and looking good we can ensure that you capture the Billboard Effect and ultimately receive more direct bookings.  If you’d like more information about how we can help you get the best Billboard Effect reach out to us today. Email [email protected] or phone Kim 0429 969 581.