Do you Struggle to Find Time? It’s An Age-Old Problem!

Many of us have had more time on our hands of late due to the current medical pandemic affecting the entire world yet still we struggle to find time to get things done. As the economy restarts bit by bit we are discovering that life is getting back to normal all too quickly and all those things we’d promised we’d get done are still sitting in the to do pile.

This can be especially true for small to medium Independent hotels, motels and holiday apartments in the Accommodation sector who not only have to run day to day operations, complete reconciliations, financial tasks, meetings and somewhere have a life of their own – where do you find the time to look after things that stay on the to do list, such as marketing, building relationships with important stakeholders, partners, build and manage your reputation and ensure you’re achieving maximum occupancy balanced with a great average daily rate?

That’s where Koncept Konnect comes in. We are a tailored online marketing and sales solution, providing support and advice in a maze of marketing and technology options. We like to think we can do what you haven’t got time to do, don’t know how to do or simply don’t want to do.

Our team of industry specialists will devise strategies, set up platforms and chase opportunities to make the most of your business – from representing you in front of agency settings, working with the OTAs, performing telesales appropriate for your target market and much more.


Whether you need a little help or a lot of help the Koncept Konnect team can customise a support package to suit your needs and your budget. We become a part of your team and work with you to join the dots and ensure that you have a cohesive and well-rounded marketing strategy to suit your market mix and most importantly we help you get results.

Why not call or email us to chat about the range of solutions that we can provide?